Yes, MS is Completely Preventable. Here’s How.

Experiencing so called ms, a situation where one’s immune system is attacking and damaging the nervous system, is something many wish to prevent. Fortunately ms is completely preventable. Here are some of the basics of doing that.

Understanding how to prevent ms involves understanding why it happens. To a large degree, ms is a trigger and response problem. Something triggers the immune system and the immune system responds by attacking the nervous system. So ms prevention involves working the problem from both sides, by reducing triggers and changing the response.

First let’s look at the trigger side.

While, there are numerous, even infinite, different things that can trigger an autoimmune response, fortunately one can generally figure out what many of them might be by using a little common sense.

For instance, substances that tend to cause damage to the body can be a trigger for an autoimmune response. These can include pesticides, certain artificial food ingredients, msg and other chemicals. In one case, a person who was actually making a point of eating in a healthy way found that leaking breast implants seemed to have been triggering auto immune problems. In another, heavy use of tooth care products seemed linked. Cleaning products and things like dryer sheets can contain immune system triggering chemicals. Even certain medications could potentially trigger an immune system response.

Another thing that can trigger an autoimmune response is a virus or microbe.

What all of these types of triggers have in common is that the fact that they are potentially harmful is no mystery. So preventing ms involves being careful to actually reduce exposure to these triggers by, for instance, eating organically grown high quality food, refraining from using or minimizing use of chemicals on one’s lawn, using less toxic cleaning products, refraining from using dryer sheets and basically living a more natural, simpler lifestyle that does not involve constantly bombarding one’s system with reasons to freak out.

Physical triggers are not the only type though. The immune system can also be triggered emotionally and by being stressed. Once again by using a little common sense one can figure out that if one is living in a stressful way or is constantly emotionally upset, this could contribute to the immune system being unstable and ready to attack.

The answer to this is to do things like work to manage one’s life as well as possible, to reduce stress by resolving issues with others, to learn to stay calm while dealing with problems and generally have good ways of dealing with the stresses of life.

Ok. Now onto the response side of preventing ms.

Here’s the deal with the immune system responding by attacking. It’s not a genetic thing. It’s not a random thing happening for unknown reasons. It’s a behavior thing, and guess who determines how your immune system will behave. You do.

Yup, you determine how your immune system behaves. How is this possible? Well one way to look at it is that your cells are really little bits of you that act like you. So to get your cells to behave or not behave in a certain way, one thing you can do is get yourself to behave or not behave in that way. I call this method the micro matches macro method.

What this means for ms prevention specifically is that getting your immune system to be less prone to attacking means getting yourself to be less prone to attack. In other words, to prevent ms, don’t be angry and negative, not on the outside and not underneath either. This is the key to preventing, and even solving, ms, learning to respond to the problems of life in a healing way, rather than an angry or attacking way.

One who tends to attack and get angry will have an immune system that attacks and gets angry. One who tends to hate, resent or react negatively will have an immune system that has similar ways. On the other hand, one who tends to stay calm, work things out and heal situations will have the same type of thing going on in one’s body. Just remember, it’s not enough to be calm and positive on the surface. You need to adopt positive, calm, healing ways inside as well.

So there you have it. While there is more one can do to prevent ms, these are some of the key things one can do. By being careful about triggers and by learning to respond to issues in positive healing ways, you can reduce or eliminate your chances of experiencing ms, not to mention improve your health in other ways too.


Stem Cells – Never Going To Save You From Yourself

This thing about stem cells has been going on for a while now. Some people are against embryonic stem cell research, while others say that that stance is foolish as the research is a path to finding cures. Others say similar things can be done with stem cells from sources other than embryos.

Whatever their side on that debate, many feel that stem cell research will lead to better health for many, with ways of solving diseases like Parkinson’s, als, multiple sclerosis and diabetes on the way.

I say, don’t be ridiculous.

I mean sure, there are things people can already do with stem cells, and as time goes there will more methods that are useful somehow.

All the same, what you can be certain of is that people cannot really attain wellness by using stem cells, no matter how much research is done.


Because wellness is a lifestyle thing, a choices thing, a long term thing, something people attain or not because of how they live, day to day and minute to minute.

Let’s take multiple sclerosis, for instance.

Multiple sclerosis is really all about repressed emotions, internal imbalances and other physical issues created by people.

What this means is that you can throw all the stem cells you want at the problem and if the person experiencing the problem keeps doing those same things and creating the same issues that person is going to keep experiencing multiple sclerosis.

The same goes for any form of illness.

Now I will concede, that maybe somehow once a person changes the way he or she is living, somehow stem cells could be used to repair the damage done.  Even here though, there are better ways to accomplish things.

Also, consider this. Life works in parallels. Steal from others and somehow you are stealing from yourself. Hurt others and somehow you are hurting yourself. So, while I am not sure what the parallel is for chop up a partly formed baby and inject yourself with the pieces, I am sure there is a parallel and it’s not something you want to learn about the hard way.

So whatever your stance is on stem cell research, whatever way you might be pinning your hopes on it, whether that means looking for future breakthroughs or traveling today to far off lands for injections, you can be sure of one unchanging thing. If you want to be healthy, you need to take responsibility and live in a wellness creating way. Your health is up to you and no amount of stem cell research can save you from yourself.

A Key to Healing – Rather Than Blaming A Disease, Take Responsibility and Make Changes

I have heard this type of thing time after time, “Such and such disease makes you weak.”

Wrong. There is no such thing as such and such disease making a person weak, or numb, or tired, or shaking.


So what’s doing it then? Why are people weak, or numb, or tired, or shaking, or whatever?

They and the people around them are making things that way, that’s why.

So a key concept in healing is getting to feeling responsible, and in control, of what is going on with your health.

For instance, in one case I dealt with, a guy diagnosed with als was talking about biting his tongue. He thought that als somehow makes a person bite his tongue. He felt out of control.

So I suggested he look at it differently, that rather than als making him bite his tongue that actually he himself was somehow making him bite his tongue. That put things into a whole different perspective. Now he felt much more in control and as if he could find a way to solve the problem.

Another one I have heard is that multiple sclerosis makes a person weak. Nah. Multiple sclerosis is not doing anything. Multiple sclerosis can’t do anything. Why? Because multiple sclerosis is just a name someone made up. What makes a person weak is people’s making choices that result in a person’s immune system attacking the person’s nervous system. Then the nerves don’t transmit signals and the person feels weak.

Diabetes does not make it difficult to utilize sugar. People make it difficult for themselves to use sugar.

Parkinson’s disease does not make people shaky. They make themselves shaky, by stressing themselves out and repressing emotions and doing other things that cause their systems to break down.

Adhd does not make it difficult to focus.

Alzheimer’s does not cause memory loss and dementia.

Asthma does not make breathing difficult.

Whatever a person has going on, the key thing to realize is that it is just a logical consequence of ways of living and choices the person is making.

Then it is clear what needs to be done to make things better.

If you want to be stronger, figure out how to get stronger. If you want to stop biting your tongue, figure out why you are doing it and make some changes. If you are getting shaky or are having trouble remembering things or if your cholesterol level is sky high, just get to work making changes that will make you healthier.

It was you, with the help of others, doing it all along, and it is you who can solve the problem.

Micro Behavior, One Simple Concept That Changes So Much

One of the disease types I have worked on a fair amount is autoimmune disease, especially multiple sclerosis. In situations characterized by autoimmune disease, where a body is attacking itself, a few questions arise. One of them is the question of why this is happening at all. Another is why a treatment works for a while and then becomes less effective over time.

A mechanistic view of things tends to leave both of these questions unanswered. For instance it is very difficult to explain how genes or biology would cause the immune system to attack the nervous system, as occurs in cases of multiple sclerosis. Further the mechanistic view does little to address the reason that the immune system would adapt so that treatments that are working cease to work.

There is a concept that answers both of these questions, fits the data, makes intuitive sense and indicates a clear path to solving disease problems. That concept is micro behavior.

Micro behavior is behavior that goes on at a level smaller than the entire body level. People are generally seen as using their bodies when they choose to behave. They can choose to walk, or run, or stand still. They can scream or talk quietly. These are all forms of behavior. There is at the same time a whole other area of behavior, behavior within the body at the micro level. For instance, cells communicate and interact with each other. When a person communicates and interacts within the body at the cellular level, that is micro behavior. Much of the time micro behavior is chosen unconsciously. Still, it is chosen behavior.

So getting back to the example of multiple sclerosis, rather than seeing the attacking of the nervous system mechanistically, as caused by genes, or some physical factor, a more accurate view is that actually the attacks are a chosen form of micro behavior. In other words, the cells are not being somehow coerced by biology to do what they are doing. They are choosing to do what they are doing.

So the creation of disease involving cellular problems can be seen as chosen behavior happening at the cellular level and generally speaking physical illness can be more readily explained by seeing what goes on at the micro levels as behavior.

I have not fully considered the question of whether it would be better to see the cells themselves as choosing the behavior or the person to be choosing the behavior of the cells. Either way, what is going on is behavior.

Now that we have seen why things are happening, look how well this also explains why medical treatment becomes ineffective. Medical treatment stops working because the cells want to continue the chosen form of behavior and so in order to do so, they learn to overcome the medical intervention. Just as a person would adapt and change to deal with obstacles in the outer world, the person or the cells of the person adapt and change to deal with obstacles in the micro world.

Beyond doing a great job of explaining what is going on and why things are happening, the concept of micro behavior also can be used to figure out what to do about what is going on. No medical or surgical intervention is needed to change what is going on. The way to change what is going on is to convince the cells to change their choices.

For instance, in cases of autoimmune disease, to get the immune system to change what it is doing so that it is no longer causing damage, one would convince the immune system to change its behavior.

If this sounds challenging to you, the truth is that it is not all that difficult. Cellular behavior can be changed in a variety of ways including through visualization, and through meditation and related methods that involve changing the ways and ideas of a person so that the cellular behavior changes. I often help people change micro behavior through simple conversation, telling them for instance to stop beating themselves up. It’s simple, it makes sense and of all things it actually works.

So there you have it, one concept that changes so much. Infection? Cellular conflict. Solve it by resolving conflict. Cancer? Cellular freaking out. Solve it by learning to handle things better. Als? Cellular communication breakdown. Solve it by learning to maintain communication. All these things and more can be explained and solved by seeing what is going on as micro behavior and using consciousness changing approaches to cause different behavior to manifest.