Yes, MS is Completely Preventable. Here’s How.

Experiencing so called ms, a situation where one’s immune system is attacking and damaging the nervous system, is something many wish to prevent. Fortunately ms is completely preventable. Here are some of the basics of doing that.

Understanding how to prevent ms involves understanding why it happens. To a large degree, ms is a trigger and response problem. Something triggers the immune system and the immune system responds by attacking the nervous system. So ms prevention involves working the problem from both sides, by reducing triggers and changing the response.

First let’s look at the trigger side.

While, there are numerous, even infinite, different things that can trigger an autoimmune response, fortunately one can generally figure out what many of them might be by using a little common sense.

For instance, substances that tend to cause damage to the body can be a trigger for an autoimmune response. These can include pesticides, certain artificial food ingredients, msg and other chemicals. In one case, a person who was actually making a point of eating in a healthy way found that leaking breast implants seemed to have been triggering auto immune problems. In another, heavy use of tooth care products seemed linked. Cleaning products and things like dryer sheets can contain immune system triggering chemicals. Even certain medications could potentially trigger an immune system response.

Another thing that can trigger an autoimmune response is a virus or microbe.

What all of these types of triggers have in common is that the fact that they are potentially harmful is no mystery. So preventing ms involves being careful to actually reduce exposure to these triggers by, for instance, eating organically grown high quality food, refraining from using or minimizing use of chemicals on one’s lawn, using less toxic cleaning products, refraining from using dryer sheets and basically living a more natural, simpler lifestyle that does not involve constantly bombarding one’s system with reasons to freak out.

Physical triggers are not the only type though. The immune system can also be triggered emotionally and by being stressed. Once again by using a little common sense one can figure out that if one is living in a stressful way or is constantly emotionally upset, this could contribute to the immune system being unstable and ready to attack.

The answer to this is to do things like work to manage one’s life as well as possible, to reduce stress by resolving issues with others, to learn to stay calm while dealing with problems and generally have good ways of dealing with the stresses of life.

Ok. Now onto the response side of preventing ms.

Here’s the deal with the immune system responding by attacking. It’s not a genetic thing. It’s not a random thing happening for unknown reasons. It’s a behavior thing, and guess who determines how your immune system will behave. You do.

Yup, you determine how your immune system behaves. How is this possible? Well one way to look at it is that your cells are really little bits of you that act like you. So to get your cells to behave or not behave in a certain way, one thing you can do is get yourself to behave or not behave in that way. I call this method the micro matches macro method.

What this means for ms prevention specifically is that getting your immune system to be less prone to attacking means getting yourself to be less prone to attack. In other words, to prevent ms, don’t be angry and negative, not on the outside and not underneath either. This is the key to preventing, and even solving, ms, learning to respond to the problems of life in a healing way, rather than an angry or attacking way.

One who tends to attack and get angry will have an immune system that attacks and gets angry. One who tends to hate, resent or react negatively will have an immune system that has similar ways. On the other hand, one who tends to stay calm, work things out and heal situations will have the same type of thing going on in one’s body. Just remember, it’s not enough to be calm and positive on the surface. You need to adopt positive, calm, healing ways inside as well.

So there you have it. While there is more one can do to prevent ms, these are some of the key things one can do. By being careful about triggers and by learning to respond to issues in positive healing ways, you can reduce or eliminate your chances of experiencing ms, not to mention improve your health in other ways too.