The Future Of Healing Is Now, And So Are The Dark Ages

I remember, maybe it was when I was a kid in grade school, considering a future that would include a cure for cancer, the kind of future where they would take bodies that had been cryogenically preserved and revive them because a cure had been found for the disease that had killed the person.

Well, in a very real sense, that future is now.

For one thing, I for one, can coach to health a person experiencing pretty much any form of illness. Sure I have not figured out every angle for every problem. Still I have basic understanding of how to make that kind of thing happen and have done so numerous times, solving a variety of of problems involving significant physical health issues including autoimmune disease, neurodegeneration, infection, cancer, allergic reactions and metabolic problems.

Also, from what I have seen, I am not the only one. There are many others out there who have all kinds of ways of solving life problems, ways that are effective and elegant and which lead to great results.

So for many of us, that once seemingly far off time when there would be a way to solve any health problem is indeed now.

The amazing thing is that simultaneously, in the same towns, even across the streets, there is a whole other world. In that other world people still experience horrible health problems, are devastated by news they get of diagnoses and end up dying for lack of ways to solve the health problems they are experiencing.

These people, living in the exact same times as the rest of us, go searching in vain for cures, marching, researching, fundraising, all in desperate attempts to get healthier. For them, the dark days of no solutions still exist.

And there is more darkness to these dark ages.

People worship those with medical training and allow themselves to be led to do all sorts or insane things. Body parts are mangled by unnecessary surgery. Misbehaving organs are removed completely. Diagnosis is followed by treatment after treatment. Even small children are poisoned with medication on top of medication. Still the people get sicker and sicker and wonder why.

Huge laboratories, funded by drug companies, through taxation and by the donations of countless concerned people, become centers for the suffering of millions of animals who are purposely made sick so that the high priests of the medical world can then attempt to treat the illness they have created by now stuffing the animals with chemical concoctions whose formulas are developed by people using theories based on dark age beliefs about disease.

Clinical trials go on where some people are given useless pseudo treatment and the others are given potentially palliative substances which sometimes provide some relief, sometimes cause them to die more quickly and always create misunderstood and unanticipated negative effects.

Some do temporarily survive their dark age disease and treatment, only to wonder when things may start to get worse again or the next problem might seemingly randomly show up.

The dark ages are rather dark.

So that’s where we stand as we go further into this twenty-first century, in a world that includes those who seem forced to experience a dark age existence that includes devastation by disease created by forces yet to be understood and those who have seen the light and are already living in a healthy future that may have been difficult for them even imagine not so long ago.


Stem Cells – Never Going To Save You From Yourself

This thing about stem cells has been going on for a while now. Some people are against embryonic stem cell research, while others say that that stance is foolish as the research is a path to finding cures. Others say similar things can be done with stem cells from sources other than embryos.

Whatever their side on that debate, many feel that stem cell research will lead to better health for many, with ways of solving diseases like Parkinson’s, als, multiple sclerosis and diabetes on the way.

I say, don’t be ridiculous.

I mean sure, there are things people can already do with stem cells, and as time goes there will more methods that are useful somehow.

All the same, what you can be certain of is that people cannot really attain wellness by using stem cells, no matter how much research is done.


Because wellness is a lifestyle thing, a choices thing, a long term thing, something people attain or not because of how they live, day to day and minute to minute.

Let’s take multiple sclerosis, for instance.

Multiple sclerosis is really all about repressed emotions, internal imbalances and other physical issues created by people.

What this means is that you can throw all the stem cells you want at the problem and if the person experiencing the problem keeps doing those same things and creating the same issues that person is going to keep experiencing multiple sclerosis.

The same goes for any form of illness.

Now I will concede, that maybe somehow once a person changes the way he or she is living, somehow stem cells could be used to repair the damage done.  Even here though, there are better ways to accomplish things.

Also, consider this. Life works in parallels. Steal from others and somehow you are stealing from yourself. Hurt others and somehow you are hurting yourself. So, while I am not sure what the parallel is for chop up a partly formed baby and inject yourself with the pieces, I am sure there is a parallel and it’s not something you want to learn about the hard way.

So whatever your stance is on stem cell research, whatever way you might be pinning your hopes on it, whether that means looking for future breakthroughs or traveling today to far off lands for injections, you can be sure of one unchanging thing. If you want to be healthy, you need to take responsibility and live in a wellness creating way. Your health is up to you and no amount of stem cell research can save you from yourself.

From Five Pills A Day To None – Guess What It Took

The other day, after asking me what I do, someone said “I believe in that” and told me about the example of her brother in law who had been diagnosed with all kinds of problems, including diabetes, and was taking five prescription pills a day.

Now, she says, he is in much better shape, has dropped two pants sizes and no longer needs any of those pills. His doctor is amazed, even confused, by the change.

What a change it is too.

I mean for one thing, drugs more block than cure, so in a way all the problems were still there, just blocked somehow, buried by the medication. Furthermore, while the medication was keeping one set of problems in check, you can be sure it was creating all kinds of new ones and the guy was headed for even worse trouble, and, by the way, all of this was probably costing plenty, not just for pills, but for the doctor visits and all the other stuff that goes along with being in such a state as to need all that medication.

Maybe most importantly, of course, not only does he no longer need all the medication, but I suspect he feels much better, in multiple ways, than he ever did when he was taking it.

Ok.  So what did it take to accomplish this?

Did it take months or years of extreme diet changes and working out? Did it take psychotherapy, years of meditation, or doing something radical like moving to a different state? Did it take some kind of bizarre surgery that involved removing a gland or something or cutting part of his brain or installing some kind of technology?


It took working with a nutritionist to improve his diet and it took doing some regular exercise and it took less than two months.

While it may not work this quickly and easily for everyone, in this case that’s all it took to go from being a heavily medicated, out of shape time bomb to being a much healthier person using zero medication.

Imagine that.

Which brings up another question. What on earth goes on in medical school?