Non Wellness Creating Approaches, The Ultimate in Futility

I tend to believe that anything is possible, that people can move mountains, or travel faster than the speed of light, or solve any health problem.

At the same time, I have to concede that some things may be impossible, especially this. One cannot, no how, no way, attain wellness or really improve one’s life by using approaches that are not wellness creating approaches.

When I was a kid, I had a puzzle toy that could be made to go into myriad patterns. The maker of the toy suggested all  kinds of patterns and I had a great time getting to them. There was one pattern that they said was impossible to get to, the entire puzzle lined up in reverse order. I worked and worked and sure enough I could not get it to completely reverse.

There is a parallel in life that is key.

People do many things which they believe will improve their lives even though simple logic dictates that they will never work.

For instance, even though one cannot medicate one’s way to health, people seek to do this day in and day out. The fact of the matter is that while medication may sometimes aid the healing process, to really get healthy one has to truly resolve the issues underlying the creation of illness.

The non healing ways folly goes well beyond this though.

For instance, some people feel that they can get to better marriages by being mean to their spouses. Others seem to feel that they can raise children to be peaceful by being other than peaceful toward them.

Around us people seem to feel that a better life will come from economic growth. Has growing the economy resulted in life getting better? Not really. While the economy is growing and people have bigger houses and more stuff, many people are getting fatter and fatter from all the food they are eating, and sicker and sicker from the stress of it all and the oceans are dying and the world is beaten up and loaded with trash. In many ways life is much worse from economic growth. While growing the economy may have some benefits, growing the economy is not really a wellness creating approach.

In order to make life better, one needs to use wellness creating approaches to resolve things and achieve balance and create harmony.

Another idea people have is that they can make life better by killing someone or something. I mean some even go to church one day, and talk about “Thou shalt not kill”, and then go out and kill. This killing to make life better encompasses various things from the widespread use of antibacterial products to responding to geopolitical problems by painting some people as the cause of the problems and killing them. The truth is that there is a logic to world problems that involves everyone and everything and goes well beyond the simple formula of bad guys versus good guys, and the only way these problems are going to be solved is by people really seeing this logic and working things out. You just cannot kill your way to a better life.

Other suspect strategies involve the ideas that one can make the world safer by torturing animals to test products or that people can make things better by making more laws or that life in one country can be made better by its people’s competing ever harder with people in other countries to build industry more advanced than theirs or weapons more sophisticated.

What this all adds up to is that if you really want to make life better, you need to carefully look at the logic of what you are doing to see whether or not you are really headed to a better life. If your method involves hurting things to help or disregarding consequences in the process of attaining specific goals like monetary wealth or relief from pain, your method needs some adjusting. Life can definitely get better. The thing is in order for that to occur, the approaches used have to be wellness creating approaches.


Wellness Creating Approaches, The Key to Creating a Healthy World

The news is full of life problem stories, people starving here, people shooting each other there, others getting sick and searching for cures.

What all of these stories have in common is that at their roots are the use of non wellness creating approaches. People who starve have used their resources in unsustainable ways or somehow gotten themselves into trouble. People who shoot each other are using non wellness creating approaches in dealing with each other. People experiencing health problems, whether the problem is called autism, cancer, diabetes or scleroderma, have in common that the problems they are experiencing are the direct and logical result of the use of non wellness creating approaches.

What this all adds up to is that if everyone were using wellness creating approaches, none of these things would be happening and we would be living in a well world. So this concept, wellness creating approaches, is a powerful concept and one that would be great to spread around.

A wellness creating approach is one that has positive effects, creates true wellness by resolving underlying issues and has no negative side effects.

Yes, ALS Is Completely Preventable. Here’s How to Prevent ALS.

Many people would like to know how to prevent ALS, especially people who have seen multiple members of their families experience the health problem, also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease or motor neuron disease. Fortunately ALS is preventable, and that’s true, by the way, regardless of whether one carries certain gene mutations that are said to be somehow involved in the creation of ALS.

The basis of ALS prevention is the following. Contrary to the commonly held idea that ALS occurs randomly, ALS is not random at all. ALS occurs when factors and patterns in a person’s life come together in such a way as to create the problem. What this means is that if factors and patterns in a person’s life do not come together in an ALS creating way, the person will not experience ALS.

So to prevent ALS, what you have to do is make sure that you don’t live in an ALS creating way. Instead, you use wellness creating approaches to handling things and live in a wellness creating way.

Here are some of the basics of doing that.

The Basics of Preventing ALS

A key idea underlying ALS prevention is that what is called ALS is really just poor nerve health characterized by progressive degeneration of the nervous system. It’s only natural that one’s nervous system would begin to break down if it’s not healthy. So, much of what you are considering in preventing ALS is how choices you make would affect your health, especially the health of your nerves.

Another thing to realize is that, when genes are involved in the creation of health problems, there are reasons why the genes are doing what they are doing. Genes can express or not express, basically be turned on or off. So ALS prevention involves living in healthy ways to create a health creating gene expression situation.

Finally, key to preventing ALS is understanding that the development and progression of what’s called ALS involves trigger-response cycles. In other words, when someone is experiencing ALS, what’s going on is that something has triggered a response, and the response is a type of response that results in ALS type nerve health issues. So, in general, preventing ALS involves (1) reducing triggers and (2) optimizing responses.

Preventing ALS by Reducing Stress

For instance, one way we can reduce triggers and optimize responses is by seeking to reduce stress. Stress is a factor that commonly contributes to the creation of ALS, and it’s easy to understand that being stressed out all the time is not going to be good for the health of one’s nerves. So, if you want to stay healthy, one thing you can do is to seek to reduce stress.

Part of  reducing stress involves realizing that stress has internal as well as external aspects. For instance, you could be relaxing at home and still be stressed by worries, fears, or other internal issues. So, much of reducing stress involves responding internally to issues in ways that don’t stress you out.

The stress underlying the creation of ALS can develop partly as a result of people’s ways of relating and handling their emotions. For instance, by repressing themselves, internalizing issues or acting like so called heroes all the time, people set themselves up for bad health. By consciously or unconsciously choosing to use these approaches, one creates stress and system imbalances that end up wrecking one’s nervous system. This partly explains why seemingly healthy people suddenly and seemingly randomly experience the neuro degeneration called ALS. They repress and repress and put on a brave face until things get to a tipping point and their systems break down.

So the answer here is to prevent ALS by relating in positive, assertive ways. Rather than repressing, internalizing and acting as if everything is OK all the time, which would be an ALS creating approach, express yourself, deal with issues as they come up and work things out. That would be a wellness creating approach.

In general, the strategies one uses in life underlie the creation of what one experiences. One can use either wellness creating strategies or strategies that, while they may seem to solve things, don’t really.

Disconnection and Escape Strategies and ALS

With that in mind, possibly the most important or signature pattern in the creation of ALS is the use of disconnection and escape strategies. These strategies involve doing things like refusing to communicate and avoiding people or issues rather than dealing with them. While one may feel that one is relieving stress by disconnecting or by avoiding dealing with things, often one is just putting off the inevitable or allowing problems to get even worse.

In addition to disconnection and avoidance not being effective life strategies, there is another aspect of their involvement in the creation of ALS that make them key ALS creation strategies. Here’s how it works. ALS involves communication breakdown at the cellular level. Just as people who experience ALS tend to use strategies that create communication breakdown, their neurons avoid and disconnect too, an example of something I call micro matches macro, meaning that people’s cells tend to do as the people do. So if you want your neurons to be healthy, communicate, and work well with each other and with other cells, you need to harness the power of micro matches macro by doing those types of things yourself. For instance, if you have an issue with someone, rather than avoiding the issue or the person, communicate, work things out, and create wellness.

In general the idea of working things out and resolving conflict is key in attaining and maintaining wellness. Whether issues are internal or external, you will not attain or maintain wellness by doing non healing things like punishing, ignoring, disconnecting,  lying, leaving or avenging. You will only attain and maintain wellness by resolving.

Another thing that often figures into the creation of ALS is workaholism. It’s one thing to work hard at things. It’s another to work because work is your drug, or worse, because work is a way to escape issues in your life. If you have issues at home, don’t run to work, have three cups of coffee and stay at the office until late. Go home and work things out. Your life and your health will be way better for it.

Preventing ALS and Staying Healthy by Taking Care of Your Body Holistically

Related to this is heavy caffeine use. People who experience ALS often were not sleeping, were running themselves to death, and were using caffeine to help them do it. One guy told me about ALS starting after a period of time during which he was drinking sixty ounces of Mountain Dew a day. Others were drinking massive amounts of cola. Put it this way, if you are too tired to work or drive or whatever, rather than drink an energy drink or having another cup of coffee, consider that what you are feeling means your body needs some healing or recharging, not to be pushed past the breaking point.

In a similar way, medication use is also connected to the creation of ALS. Let’s say you have a health issue such as high blood pressure or chronic pain. The fact that you have such a health issue tends to indicate that something is going on that is not optimal. Something is wrong in your life.

If you take a pill to cope with the health issue, you may get some short term relief. At the same time, something is still wrong in your life and has just been masked by the medication. For instance, if you are experiencing high blood pressure because you are stressed out all the time or are eating junk food constantly, taking blood pressure medication doesn’t really solve the problem. The stress or junk food, or whatever other factor is causing health issues, is still having effects. Sure, your blood pressure is “under control,” but your situation has not truly become healthier.

So, when we take medication, we may experience symptom relief , but we don’t really solve the underlying issues, and wellness has not been attained. Thus, what can happen is that the underlying issues will crop up in another way now, possibly as the type of poor nerve health known as ALS.

So, if you have health problems, while it may make sense to use medication to treat them in the short term, in the long term, look to really solve them holistically by addressing root causes and improving the way you live. That would be the wellness creating approach.

Preventing ALS and Staying Healthy by Watching What You Eat

What you eat can also make a huge difference, and there are two ways in which you can improve your health by improving your diet. One way is by reducing intake of things that hurt you. The other way is by taking in things that support health.

To reduce intake of things that will hurt you, you have to realize that not everything that is legal or sold in a food store is good for you. In fact, many things that people commonly eat are quite damaging to your body.

If you eat highly processed food, meat full of hormones, chicken that was raised in torturous conditions, produce full of pesticides, or products with questionable ingredients such as nitrites or artificial flavors and colors, these foods will damage your nerves and other parts of your body. If you drink large quantities of soda or other things which are full of chemicals that can be hard on your system, you won’t be as healthy as you would be if you didn’t consume these things.

All of these foods contain substances that can have effects that result in disease. The substances can throw of the balance of your system or make it difficult for your system to function properly. The substances can directly cause damage to your nerves or other parts of your body. Finally, the substances can serve as triggers in trigger-response cycles that manifest as progressive breakdown of your nervous system or other parts of your body. Of course, we don’t want any of these things going on in our bodies. So, we have to be careful about what we put into our bodies.

On the other hand, we can foster health by eating foods that do not contain these damaging substances and that do contain things that support health. Of course, eating foods that contain plenty of basic nutrients such as minerals, key fats, and vitamins is going to help our nerves to remain stable and healthy. Other foods go beyond containing key nutrients to containing substances such as antioxidants or anti-inflammatory substances that support health by reducing damage.

So, to prevent ALS, set yourself up for health by working in both directions: reducing intake of damaging foods and being sure to eat foods that support health. Drink water or something healthy, and eat high quality food, such as organically grown fruit.

Our Health Is in Our Hands.

Beyond these things, there is much more you can do to prevent ALS. Other things that contribute to the creation of ALS include depression, anger and negative ways of responding, fear, pride, constant freaking out, ongoing issues related to childhood trauma, and poor self image. You can find some more ALS creation factors and patterns on the “ALS Creation” page at To prevent ALS, rather than choosing these ALS creating ways, choose wellness creating ways of handling life.

Our health is in our hands. The better job we do, the healthier we are. By choosing to live in a wellness creating way, we can create a well world where ALS is just a memory.

How I Solved The ALS Puzzle

Back in the nineties, last century, my wife was jamming all this stuff about healing down my throat. She would talk about energy healing, natural medicine, shamanism, chakras, you name it, and I would just sit and listen, and blow off all of it, which I lumped together and called “the cult of doom.” I knew the real deal, genes and biology are destiny and things like the allergies I was suffering with were going to continue one way or another until someone figured out how to fix genes.

At a certain point that all began to change and one of the key things was that I was able to use holistic and mind body methods to solve my allergy problem. That was cool.

What it took to solve the allergies was find and change ideas, unconscious desires and choices I was making consciously and unconsciously. As soon as I found and changed the things that underlied the allergies, the problem was solved.

Then another key thing happened. I called someone I hadn’t seen in a long time and he told me he was suffering with multiple sclerosis and was worried about it being genetic and his kids suffering with it too. I thought of how I had solved the allergy problem I was experiencing and figured that probably the same methods I had used would work to solve the health problems he was having.

So we got to work and sure enough patterns in his life and the way he operated showed up, things that would logically create something like ms. We worked on changing what we found and after a while he told me the progression seemed to have stopped. It was really no surprise. We had found the multiple sclerosis creating patterns and changed them. Naturally things changed.

So I changed occupations, pretty much immediately, from focusing on finance related activities to focusing on helping people heal.

I helped more people solve multiple sclerosis and helped others solve problems involving cancer, Lyme disease, diabetes and other health issues.

In every single case, we did the same thing, worked holistically, finding factors, ideas and ways of operating that would logically create the problems and finding that once we changed those things, the problems became solved.

It was exciting and also in a way perplexing. I mean I had understood that these types of health problems were caused by genes and other biological factors and yet there we were solving them without really being concerned about those types of factors. It was not until later that I developed a clearer understanding of how to resolve the conflicts between what we experiencing and more conventional ideas.

Anyway, for me it was not such a big deal when a couple of years ago I contacted someone experiencing als to suggest that he too could heal. I knew it would go the same way.

I started working with him and some other people experiencing als and sure enough the expected patterns, factors, ideas and ways showed up immediately. We worked on changing what we found and soon we were seeing positive results,  improved relationships, improved functioning, people healing their lives and solving als.

So that’s pretty much the deal. I learned a while ago that life problems are always created and that, while healing takes work and can be challenging and excruciatingly painful at times, by changing the factors and patterns underlying the creation of a situation, a person can always solve things and heal. Just as with everything else I have worked on, problems involving als have fit this paradigm, are eminently solvable and are on the way to becoming a memory.

Als, no cures? Yeah right.

When I first started working with people diagnosed with als, I heard, as anyone might, that supposedly nobody has survived als and healed.

It’s pretty common for a person to ask upon diagnosis, “Well are there any miracles, any people who survive this?” and get the answer that there are not.

Without much looking though, I quickly ran into a story about a guy who had been diagnosed with als and then changed his life and had his health stabilize.

So at my initial presentation to the ALS Association, one thing I said was that when someone is looking with the right attitude, stories like that would turn up, and sure enough many have.

First of all there are the outspoken people like Craig Oster, Evy McDonald, Steven Shackel, Nelda Buss, Wendy Moore and David Atkinson, all of whom have done much to make public their successes in solving als.

Then there are others you can notice by reading between the lines. In one case, a blog says that a person’s relatives all expected her to die years ago, and here she still is doing pretty well. Another example is someone who is out there raising funds to support lab research, but wait a minute, a little looking turns up the fact that he has done some inner work and his health has actually been stable for years. Hmm.

Finally there are those you can find out about by talking with people, such as a guy who, I was told had, changed his lifestyle and is still going to his kid’s soccer games seventeen years later, and a guy who used hynotherapy and has completely stabilized and volunteers at the ALS Association eight years after he started experiencing problems.

People who have solved als are all over the place. You just have to look, unlike the person who told me he had “researched this thing to death” and yet had somehow missed a widely discussed als solved story that I mentioned to him.

So next time someone tells you that thing about nobody surviving or solving als, see if that person has even heard of any of these people. If the person does not even want to hear about these stories, well then you know why the person still believes the no cures myth.