The Turnaround

We had been talking for maybe an hour and a half about philosophy, psychology, consequences, pride, Buddhism, all kinds of things, getting to know each other and working to make things change.

Five years since she had started to experience symptoms, she was sitting in a wheelchair wondering what it was going to take to heal.

All kinds of things had been done, including medical treatment, massage, and psychotherapy, along with who knows what else.

She really seemed to have an understanding of healing. So when she asked me to cut to the chase and tell her what she needed to do to heal, I finally decided to go for it and gave her a two word answer.

Everything changed in an instant. She went into a stunned paralysis and glaring at me said, “You never say that to a victim.” Then the meeting ended and that was basically the last we worked together.

That was not the last time we talked though. A few months later, I called her to see how things were going. After five years of struggle she had news for me that included two key words, “complete remission.”

Her two words of good news seemed closely related to my two words of advice, and my take is that what I said was key in her success.

What were the two words of advice?

They were the words that anyone who wants to heal would do well to live by. They are simple and powerful and all to often go unsaid.

The two words that worked the magic were “Take responsibility.”