Want ALS solved stories? Here are some, and there are more happening all the time.

People are constantly hearing that so called als is termed incurable, and still they search for  healed of als or cured of als stories, als survivors and “als miracles”.

Well, the people doing those searches are onto something, and you don’t need a miracle, to solve, survive, or “cure” als. As with any health problem, solving nerve health problems so called diagnosed as als just takes changing your ideas and ways and doing the work it takes to get yourself healthy. In other words, instead of waiting for a miracle or a cure for als, people can solve the problem themselves, and many have done so.

In many places, they don’t even use the term als. They just call it motor neuron disease, which sounds less like some entity attacking people and more like heart disease or something else that people realize is just a health problem that can be solved by making the right choices and adjustments.

Knowledge is power and it’s also the cure for als.

So, by following these links you can find stories of people who have done well at healing themselves, or curing als naturally, and you can find inspiration and information that you can use to heal yourself, as more people are doing all the time.

Steven Shackel

extensive website with detailed description of his holistic approach to solving als


Craig Oster



facebook page


news story video


Evy McDonald

article by her


article about her


Eric Edney

article on what he did to heal


Dawn McCrea

website on which provides detailed description and explanation of the strategies she is using to heal


Bernardo Pinto Coelho

beautiful video of his healing process


Kim Cherry

website where he discusses what he has been doing and the results he has been getting


Mark Kully (diagnosed with motor neuron disease)

message board about him


Theresa Lee

blog post of her discussion of what she did


Sarah Ezekiel

video in which, among other things, she discusses her understanding of why her health has stabilized


Wendy Moore (nerve health problems are connected with high stress jobs like hers)

video showing how instead of retreating into fear and anxiety, she decided to pray and heal


David Atkinson

description of what he did to heal


Nelda Buss

tv segment showing how she was healed via energy work


Ben Johnson

blog post on what he did to heal


Butch Machlan

description of what he has done and the results he has gotten


Carol Jensen

Derek Swinnard

video in which Carol, Derek and others talk about solving als


Rajendra Thaker

video in which he discusses his experience with mnd diagnosis and healing



video in which she talks about her experience healing via dealing with emotions related to childhood trauma and fear



Als, no cures? Yeah right.

When I first started working with people diagnosed with als, I heard, as anyone might, that supposedly nobody has survived als and healed.

It’s pretty common for a person to ask upon diagnosis, “Well are there any miracles, any people who survive this?” and get the answer that there are not.

Without much looking though, I quickly ran into a story about a guy who had been diagnosed with als and then changed his life and had his health stabilize.

So at my initial presentation to the ALS Association, one thing I said was that when someone is looking with the right attitude, stories like that would turn up, and sure enough many have.

First of all there are the outspoken people like Craig Oster, Evy McDonald, Steven Shackel, Nelda Buss, Wendy Moore and David Atkinson, all of whom have done much to make public their successes in solving als.

Then there are others you can notice by reading between the lines. In one case, a blog says that a person’s relatives all expected her to die years ago, and here she still is doing pretty well. Another example is someone who is out there raising funds to support lab research, but wait a minute, a little looking turns up the fact that he has done some inner work and his health has actually been stable for years. Hmm.

Finally there are those you can find out about by talking with people, such as a guy who, I was told had, changed his lifestyle and is still going to his kid’s soccer games seventeen years later, and a guy who used hynotherapy and has completely stabilized and volunteers at the ALS Association eight years after he started experiencing problems.

People who have solved als are all over the place. You just have to look, unlike the person who told me he had “researched this thing to death” and yet had somehow missed a widely discussed als solved story that I mentioned to him.

So next time someone tells you that thing about nobody surviving or solving als, see if that person has even heard of any of these people. If the person does not even want to hear about these stories, well then you know why the person still believes the no cures myth.