Als, no cures? Yeah right.

When I first started working with people diagnosed with als, I heard, as anyone might, that supposedly nobody has survived als and healed.

It’s pretty common for a person to ask upon diagnosis, “Well are there any miracles, any people who survive this?” and get the answer that there are not.

Without much looking though, I quickly ran into a story about a guy who had been diagnosed with als and then changed his life and had his health stabilize.

So at my initial presentation to the ALS Association, one thing I said was that when someone is looking with the right attitude, stories like that would turn up, and sure enough many have.

First of all there are the outspoken people like Craig Oster, Evy McDonald, Steven Shackel, Nelda Buss, Wendy Moore and David Atkinson, all of whom have done much to make public their successes in solving als.

Then there are others you can notice by reading between the lines. In one case, a blog says that a person’s relatives all expected her to die years ago, and here she still is doing pretty well. Another example is someone who is out there raising funds to support lab research, but wait a minute, a little looking turns up the fact that he has done some inner work and his health has actually been stable for years. Hmm.

Finally there are those you can find out about by talking with people, such as a guy who, I was told had, changed his lifestyle and is still going to his kid’s soccer games seventeen years later, and a guy who used hynotherapy and has completely stabilized and volunteers at the ALS Association eight years after he started experiencing problems.

People who have solved als are all over the place. You just have to look, unlike the person who told me he had “researched this thing to death” and yet had somehow missed a widely discussed als solved story that I mentioned to him.

So next time someone tells you that thing about nobody surviving or solving als, see if that person has even heard of any of these people. If the person does not even want to hear about these stories, well then you know why the person still believes the no cures myth.



  1. Sue said,

    2017/02/23 at 7:01 AM

    I am glad that I stumbled on this site. My husband was diagnosed in June 2016. We are positive and fighting. It was hard for to believe that he had 3-5 years live, and nobody beat those odd according to the doctors. We suggested things they just told us its not researched the end. It was just hard to believe they wouldn’t give us some hope.
    I am looking into the Hyperbaric chamber has anyone done this therapy?

    • Marty Murray said,

      2017/02/23 at 8:21 AM

      The incompetence of the so called doctors involved in this ALS scene is itself a phenomenon.

      There are some key things to realize.

      One of them is that ALS is trigger response. Something triggers the cells, whether it be a toxin or some other stress, and they respond by shrinking away. So reducing triggers AND changing the way you respond to things are both important.

      Another is that so called ALS is largely emotionally and spiritually driven. Anger drives it. Fear drives it. Things like craving for connection drive it. So working on psychospiritual issues can REALLY help people diagnosed with so called ALS to heal. This process can be pretty intense. Let’s be clear, emotions that could make someone so sick tend to be pretty strong. So you have to just stay calm and be determined to make changes and heal.

      For more details on all of this, check out my post called “ALS Explained and Solved”, here

      I have from multiple people who have said that using hyperbaric chambers helped. One person who has had great success with using that method is Kim Cherry. His site is He is also involved with a group whose site is at

      The whole idea that people so called diagnosed with so called ALS do not heal is insane. Anyone who says that is basically clueless and is just regurgitating foolishness that has been repeated for ages. Get to work. Get healthy.

      This is not just about your husband. You have to heal yourself too.

      Have fun healing.

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