Want ALS solved stories? Here are some, and there are more happening all the time.

People are constantly hearing that so called als is termed incurable, and still they search for  healed of als or cured of als stories, als survivors and “als miracles”.

Well, the people doing those searches are onto something, and you don’t need a miracle, to solve, survive, or “cure” als. As with any health problem, solving nerve health problems so called diagnosed as als just takes changing your ideas and ways and doing the work it takes to get yourself healthy. In other words, instead of waiting for a miracle or a cure for als, people can solve the problem themselves, and many have done so.

In many places, they don’t even use the term als. They just call it motor neuron disease, which sounds less like some entity attacking people and more like heart disease or something else that people realize is just a health problem that can be solved by making the right choices and adjustments.

Knowledge is power and it’s also the cure for als.

So, by following these links you can find stories of people who have done well at healing themselves, or curing als naturally, and you can find inspiration and information that you can use to heal yourself, as more people are doing all the time.

Steven Shackel

extensive website with detailed description of his holistic approach to solving als


Craig Oster



facebook page


news story video


Evy McDonald

article by her


article about her


Eric Edney

article on what he did to heal


Dawn McCrea

website on which provides detailed description and explanation of the strategies she is using to heal


Bernardo Pinto Coelho

beautiful video of his healing process


Kim Cherry

website where he discusses what he has been doing and the results he has been getting


Mark Kully (diagnosed with motor neuron disease)

message board about him


Theresa Lee

blog post of her discussion of what she did


Sarah Ezekiel

video in which, among other things, she discusses her understanding of why her health has stabilized


Wendy Moore (nerve health problems are connected with high stress jobs like hers)

video showing how instead of retreating into fear and anxiety, she decided to pray and heal


David Atkinson

description of what he did to heal


Nelda Buss

tv segment showing how she was healed via energy work


Ben Johnson

blog post on what he did to heal


Butch Machlan

description of what he has done and the results he has gotten


Carol Jensen

Derek Swinnard

video in which Carol, Derek and others talk about solving als


Rajendra Thaker

video in which he discusses his experience with mnd diagnosis and healing



video in which she talks about her experience healing via dealing with emotions related to childhood trauma and fear




  1. Jeremy H, Kansas City, MO said,

    2013/02/01 at 2:21 AM

    My best friend’s husband died from ALS- I think you are a moron.

    • Marty Murray said,

      2013/02/01 at 5:00 AM

      Let me get this straight, Jeremy.

      In the face of all the misinformation about this so called als thing, I take the time to inform people that actually many people who receive the so called diagnosis go on to heal, and without even following the links, not one, you just bash me, acting as if you are somehow expert and all knowing now that you have seen one person experience so called als?

      Not much of a success formula.

  2. ron walt said,

    2014/02/20 at 6:05 PM

    thanks for this website it really helps us who are trying to heal this illness some other names for your list, dr ben johnson author of the healing codes, antonia raco healed fully, ron white retired army major, ted harada can now walk again after stem cells, the bigger the data base the bigger the belief its possible, oh you can use deanna from the deanna protocol and also butch machlan who is healing using coconut oil. and hopefully me one day too xx

    • Marty Murray said,

      2014/02/20 at 6:17 PM

      Sure thing.

      Have a few more, and more are coming.

      Carol Jensen is pretty much completely healed. May put up a link to a video that includes her, now that you mention it.

      There is a guy named Derek who is still playing basketball maybe eight, ten years after diagnosis.

      Jenny Hoff is getting better.

      Going to look into the others you mentioned.

      By the way, a documentary is being made that will show, among other things, many of these people discussing what they have done to heal.

  3. Butch Machlan said,

    2014/04/11 at 1:01 PM

    I am writing this for those “unbelievers.” There is no cure for ALS! However, I do know from personal experience 9 tablespoons of coconut oil daily, and 4 oz’s of a crystal magnesium chloride and water mixture will help slow and (in my case) stop its progression. It does not happen over night, but takes months and a dedication most people don’t have.

    I know it works because I’ve been tracking my ALS since March of 2008 when I started the diagnosis process. I started tracking it so I could compare my progression with that of my mother, who died after 8 years of fight. My progression was almost exactly the same until I added the coconut oil and magnesium chloride to my daily diet. I am now in my 8th year, and still walking with the help of crutches.

    However, I also know these things will not cure my ALS. I know because a few times each year I’ve stopped taking the regimen for about two weeks. Each time, in the second week, I have started to feel small indications my ALS is still with me. So I go back to the regimen, and my ALS goes back to sleep.

    Again, I am writing this for those “unbelievers.” This regimen may not work for everyone, but what are your options?

    • Marty Murray said,

      2014/04/11 at 1:18 PM

      There you have it Butch, dedication is so key.

      Meanwhile, there actually are ways to more completely solve als. They involve figuring out what underlies the progression and doing something about that. What underlies the progression is somewhat unique for each person. At the same time it does tend to fall into general categories of diet, psychology and lifestyle. For instance, many people diagnosed with als tend to repress themselves and all the stuff they are repressing eventually takes a toll on their nerves. For others much of the reason they are having nerve health problems can be something like tooth fillings leaching harmful mercury into their systems.

      Any of these things can be solved and you could find some ideas on doing that by looking at the posts of others on this page, maybe especially those of Dawn McCrea, Evy McDonald and Linda, who all talk about solving the psychological and emotional issues underlying their nerve health problems. Also from Eric Edney you might learn some good stuff about detoxifying.

    • 2014/06/10 at 12:18 AM

      Hi Mr Machlan, we would like to try coconut oil treatment. where and how would i get crystal magnesium chloride? Can you help me out with this please?

    • roberto said,

      2015/01/25 at 6:08 AM

      Hello Mr. Butch, I am italian with als. I am goin to start using the coconut oil on skin, my question is: do you use also the deanna protocol or just the oil? if I eat 9 spoon of oil and take the supplement in the protocol such as AAKG and so on, will it be too much?
      thank you

      • andy hurrell said,

        2015/02/06 at 3:41 AM

        someone else to add to your list https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Hh8k32VsxLA

      • Marty Murray said,

        2015/02/10 at 10:52 PM

        Here’s Butch’s response to Roberto’s question.

        “Based on my past conversations with Vince Tedone, the creator of Deanna’s Protocol, he and I agree taking BOTH D.P. & 9 tablespoons of coconut oil will not hurt! However, when you start coconut oil you do need to be aware of the following:

        Potential side affect from taking too much coconut oil too soon!
        Most people will NOT be able to start with even 4 tablespoons per day. Their digestive systems cannot tolerate it, and coconut oil is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial, among other things. Some people will have terrible die-off reactions as the coconut oil begins to kill these micro-organisms. They might mistakenly think they are allergic to coconut oil, but they need to just start a LOT more slowly, even 1 teaspoon a day with meals. NOTE: What the medical industry defines as “die-off symptoms” are actually natural reactions the body is forced to create in order to eliminate/detoxify.

        When people first start taking coconut oil I always recommend:
        – First week: take 3 tablespoons (not teaspoons) each day. 1 per meal
        – Second week: Assuming there is no stomach problems increase to 6 tbs. per day (2 per meal).
        However, if there are stomach problems stick with 3 per day for another week.
        – Third week: Again assuming no stomach problems, increase to 9 tbs. per day (3 per meal).

        NOTE: Some people (including myself) take 3 additional tablespoons just before bedtime to try to keep some ketones in my system.

        Hope this information is helpful!!!

      • Marty Murray said,

        2015/03/13 at 11:18 AM

        Ok Andy, I added Bernardo to the list. What an AWESOME video.

    • roberto said,

      2015/03/01 at 1:38 PM

      sorry Butch if I write you again, and thank you for your answer.
      I am at now full dose in taking CO. But I read CO do the effect of making one thinner. And I am already a thin man. I am under the weight that I should normal be. I ‘d be very worry if I loose more weight. Do you confirm me that that is the effect of CO ? Should I stop to ingest it? thanks a lot.

    • Kathy Becze said,

      2015/08/24 at 7:35 PM

      Can I use liquid Magnesium chloride? ANd, if so, how much would you recommend? You can e-mail me at: kathybecze@gmail.com

      • Marty Murray said,

        2015/08/24 at 7:42 PM

        Kathy, I am not sure that Butch is still following these comments. One way to get in touch with him or to get in touch with someone else who could help you find the answer to your question is to go to http://healingals.org/contact/ and see whether Patricia can either tell you or ask Butch for you. If you don’t get any results that way, email or call me as I believe I can get ahold of Butch if necessary.

  4. 2014/08/19 at 5:24 PM

    Love this post. If anyone wants to see some of these people on video, go to HealingALS.org. Please donate something to support this important ALS project. A cure for ALS? Well look at the people who have stopped and reversed their symptoms at http://www.HealingALS.org.

  5. hellspawndg said,

    2014/09/11 at 6:09 AM

    I recently published my article on newly researched natural medicinal plants and their potential for treatment of ALS, Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. It can be found at:


    It is the culmination of several years work, having studied ethnobotanical medicine in the search for something viable. Hopefully, you will find it an important topic, worthy of sharing, should you find it interesting.

    Daniel Gustafsson, Sweden

  6. raul romo said,

    2014/12/28 at 9:17 PM

    Excuse me, I could not find the web site from Steven Shackel

  7. Queed said,

    2019/11/06 at 2:28 AM

    This information is vital! Thanks again Marty. God Bless you ♥

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