Using Soft, Conscious Visualization To Heal

Soft, or conscious, visualization is one of the most effective healing techniques around. Here’s how it is different from what I call hard visualization, and how you can use it to heal.

Many people have heard of and used visualization to accomplish a variety of things such as achieving athletic feats or growing businesses, and one thing they use visualization to attain is improved health.

The type of visualization I see people doing most of the time is what I call hard visualization. In using hard visualization, a person imagines an outcome, often in detail, and in this way sets himself or herself up psychologically or energetically to make the outcome manifest, almost forcing it to happen.

There are, however, significant problems with hard visualization.

It’s not that hard visualization does not work. It may work. At the same time, even if hard visualization does in a way work, it may not generate optimal results.

Here’s why.

Hard visualization may propel an outcome and at the same time it does not really address issues impeding the manifestation of that outcome, and hard visualization does not itself do anything to restructure one’s life overall so that that outcome fits in nicely.

In other words, the use of hard visualization can be a way to seek to basically ram an outcome through, and among other things one using this method can break other things in the process.

For instance, a person might use hard visualization to get more money. Sure enough, the person may end up with a bunch of money, only to experience new problems. What would have happened is that rather than addressing issues that were causing problems in the person’s life, the person just rammed through the more money outcome. So while the person now has more money, for what that’s worth, the person has not really solved things.

So a better method is needed.

The better method is soft or conscious visualization.

The idea of soft visualization is to use visualization to find, or become conscious of, the not so obvious obstacles to the manifestation of a desire, and to gently resolve things so that the desire manifests, and does so without blasting the rest of one’s life to pieces.

Here’s how you do it.

You visualize an outcome, and, rather than seeking to force it to happen, as you visualize the outcome you consider what you think of and how you really feel about that outcome. The purpose of this is to find what psychospiritual obstacles to that outcome you may be harboring. Then to get the outcome to manifest, you somehow resolve the issues blocking that’s happening and gently change things so that that outcome, or possibly a better outcome related to it, fits you and your life.

So for instance, a person having health issues would visualize being healthier, and see what comes up. Something will come up, and that will be a clue to why the person is sick and will be an issue to resolve to heal.

For instance a person visualizing being healthier may suddenly feel very angry about something. So that anger is related to the health problem, and to heal the person needs to do something about that anger and issues related to the anger, rather than repressing it all by being sick.

In other words, the person was angry, and instead of healing the situation, the person got sick. So now, even just by visualizing being healthier, the person essentially goes back to being angry and healthier. Now, being more aware of how these things work, the person somehow does something about the anger and heals the situation and then no longer has that whole thing underlying disease.

Alternatively, when visualizing being healthier the person could feel afraid, or sad.

Thoughts could also come up. Maybe when visualizing health, the person will think something like “That would be boring” or “But then I would have to go back to the job I hated” or “I am learning so much by being sick”. So here again the soft visualization has brought up factors or issues that are keeping the person sick and that are blocking progress toward better health. In order to get healthier, the person has to resolve these conflicts somehow, work things out within. For instance, now that the job thing has come up, the person could consider what it’s all about and maybe consider a career change. If the person thinks health is boring, he or she could consider why that might be and do something about that idea, resolve the inner conflict somehow.

So soft visualization can be used to bring up the hidden, less conscious stuff that is making and keeping a person sick, so that the person can do something about that stuff and heal.

I use this method constantly, to heal myself and others, and it works super well.



  1. M said,

    2015/11/20 at 12:20 AM

    I have minor but multiple health issues which I would like to heal with soft visualisation. Any tips on how to do that?

    • Marty Murray said,

      2015/11/22 at 7:31 AM

      I do just that type of thing all the time. If, for instance, I am sneezing, I meditate and use soft visualization to figure out what is going on and solve the problem. If I feel sick, same thing. I even seem to have solved Lyme disease via one meditation session, though soft visualization was not maybe exactly approach I used in that case. I have done this type of thing dozens of times, and now I barely get sick at all.

      The key thing to do is to visualize yourself being healthy and by doing that get your conflicts with being healthy to come up or become apparent. In other words you are using the soft visualization to figure out what is motivating you to make yourself sick.

      For example, I will consider images like myself being healthy at all times, and I realize that I am not comfortable with those seemingly positive images.

      Once you have found your conflicts in the form of things such as life strategies that involve being sick, desires to be sick or some discomfort with being healthy, you have to have some kind of internal dialogue to resolve the conflicts.

      Sometimes just becoming aware of the conflicts or ideas that are keeping you sick is enough. For instance, if you were to find that you are sick because you are angry about something, as soon as that comes to light you might immediately see the foolishness of making yourself sick to deal with something you are angry about. So the whole thing would kind of dissolve on its own.

      Other times you may have to do something along the lines of convincing yourself that being healthy will work out or talking yourself into being healthy. For instance, if you realize that you are making yourself sick because you don’t like your job, then you may really feel that a day off is worth being sick. In that case, it might take some convincing and more significant consideration of the issues to get yourself to change your strategy.

      This approach to getting healthy is super effective. Sometimes I forget how effective it is and try something else. I may have a minor health issue and try changing my diet, or sleeping more, or meditating on an affected area or doing something else, and the problem may get somewhat solved, but not entirely solved, or the problem may seem solved and then start up again. Then I remember how well using something like soft visualization to find my conflicts and then resolving those conflicts works and I do that. Soon the health problem is pretty much entirely solved.

      This approach is so powerful, basically because if you are conflicted about being healthy you just won’t be, and once you have found and resolved the conflicts from what I have seen better health is pretty much inevitable.

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