The Basics Of Solving ALS

Ok, people are coming to this blog seeking to find ways to solve als and get healthier, so I am going to quickly summarize some of the key things involved in solving, healing from, or curing als, and maybe edit this post over time to tighten it up and make it more complete.

First thing to understand. What is called als is just poor nerve health. The issue is characterized by the neurons and related cells freaking out and not working well together and so the cells die and the nerves stop working. As a result there is reduced signal to muscles.

So solving als involves getting the neurons and other cells to calm down and work better.

Any positive step you take will help.

So one step anyone can take to improve health in any part of one’s body is improve nutrition, in other words add things to one’s diet to make it more supportive of good health. I am not going to go into detail on this here. There are plenty of nutritionists who have much to offer on this subject. Some resources that one could use for this aspect of solving als are the work of Craig Oster, Steven Shackel’s website and the Deanna Protocol. I am sure one could find endless others.

Another step one can take is to remove things from one’s diet that would hurt nerves. Pretty simple. There are plenty of things that are called food that nobody has any business putting in their bodies, from gum that’s just chemicals to diet soda to processed meat to artificially colored and flavored sports drinks. To some degree everyone knows what’s not healthy to eat. Well solving als partly involves not eating that stuff any more. Very simple. Never should have eaten it in the first place. It’s pretty much guaranteed to make you sick. Also, the diets recommended by some als focused organizations, that say eat anything to keep weight on, from bacon to ice cream, that’s somewhat of a bad idea. While keeping weight on might be a good idea, to do so, eat high calorie foods that are actually basically good for you, such as nuts, avocados and coconut oil, among other things.

Next, als is partly a trigger response cycle. The neurons are triggered by something and they respond by freaking out. Then they trigger each other and they freak out more. This also goes for any genes involved. Things can trigger genes to do things that hurt one’s health. The trigger response aspect of als is addressed two ways. Of of them is reduce triggers. The other is change responses.

Reducing triggers can involve reducing exposure to anything that could trigger neurons to freak out or genes to do damaging things. This can include eating only organically grown or no spray grown food. Pesticides can trigger, so no pesticides. It also can mean like no deodorant, using fragrance free natural detergent to clean clothes and all kinds of other things that you can think of. No Febreeze, no car freshener, no toxic paint fumes, no living across the street from an orange grove where they spray pesticides, no new carpet smell, on and on. Another possible one is vaccines, which in some cases seem to trigger neuroinflammation, and certain medications seem to contribute to issues as well. So by reducing triggers you can do much to stabilize your nerve health. One possible resource for learning about this is the work of Eric Edney. If you are going to buy a book, I recommend an ebook as that’s better for the planet and does not involve cutting down a tree which could be someone’s home.

The other side of solving trigger response cycles is changing responses. This is done by changing yourself. People’s cells respond to triggers the way the people do. People who freak out have cells that freak out. People who attack have cells that attack. So to change the response side, you change the way you respond. I could write a book on this. I have written something called ALS Explained and Solved which discusses this in more depth. You can also look into the growing body of work on reducing inflammation via meditation and things like that. All these things are basically methods for changing the way your body, which is directed by you, responds to triggers.

As long as we are talking about mind stuff, there is much more to be done in this area. I have talked with many hundreds of people diagnosed with als and they have tended to have certain psychological issues in common, and yes having these things going on can make one sick. Put it this way, if a person hates herself on some level, it makes sense that that would eventually make her sick. Guilt and shame do it too. Thinking one is not good enough is another thing that can contribute to the creation of als. Being very fearful is another. So to heal, one has to address these types of self destructive thought patterns and self images.

Overall, there is another reason people get sick and this has to be addressed too. Part of the reason people get sick is because on some level they are sick to solve some problems in their lives. While being sick does not really solve things, on some level one can believe it does, without even realizing that one feels this way. Often people who experience motor neuron health issues have real problems with relationships or their work or something and one way out or to relieve stress related to these things is to get sick. So this can be a huge contributor to health problems. In other words, a person can eat in a pretty healthy way and do other things to be healthy and still get super sick if he has real problems with the way things are going in his life or if she feels totally out of control. Solving this type of psycholgical, often unconscious, problem, can take a lot of work, and it may make sense to get help from professionals such as psychotherapists or hypnotherapists, who can help you learn to find and change what is going on.

So those are the basics of solving als. I have also heard of people helping themselves along the way with such things as hyperbaric oxygen, glutathione injections, ozone tents, high dosage methylcobalamin(not cyanocobalamin!!!), homeopathy and other such treatments and protocols. These things can help one stabilize. At the same time, one really needs to deal with the basics. Put it this way. One could be injected with the greatest magic bullet thing ever and if one still hates one’s self, or eats toxic food, or does not get certain nutrients, one could still make one’s nerves very unhealthy.

So if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with als, get to work. Everything you change, every positive move you make, every choice you improve, gets you somewhat healthier. Do enough and beyond solving als you can become healthier than you may have ever though possible.



  1. kaide said,

    2016/02/01 at 4:26 PM

    Wow, what a great article and how true it is. I have been a vegetarian, gym rat, drink lots and lots of water, take the stairs not the elevator etc…but I always knew I was masking the incredible turmoil I felt about myself. I recently graduated with my Masters from a top ten school. I would look at my fellow colleagues and always wonder why they could let things role off their backs while I would obsess for ever. I am a fan of this writer and truly believe in his theories and approach…guess I better get working.
    To Matthew, I am praying that you find peace and acceptance..

  2. Marty Murray said,

    2016/05/13 at 9:24 PM

    Jack, read the following to understand that you may have to significantly rewire yourself in order to heal.

    I have seen plenty of people solve als. In some cases it did not take that doing that much. In other cases it took doing a LOT.

    You have to really change things in order to change your health. For instance, you can meditate, but if you still basically have anger and disconnection patterns going on, the meditation won’t change much.

    Feel free to call me any time, and also you can get some ideas from the folks at I also like Dawn McCrea’s stuff.

  3. Raewyn Smith said,

    2016/05/17 at 11:52 PM

    Hi my name is Raewyn Smith and I was diagnosed with MND 2 mths ago. At that time the specialist informed me that there was no treatment & that I had a time frame of 3-4yrs before I died. After processing this information I decided that I would fight this disease and would try anything that would help me.
    After reading your post here I now have a good chance of winning this affliction.
    I believe ny MND was triggered when I was on a radical treatment program to rid ne of Hep C. While on this treatment I had no immune system and at more than 1 stage hardly any white blood cells.
    I wish to thank you for giving me hope of a recovery. Now I need to device the best way to go about getting better because I’m certainly not nearly ready to depart.

  4. Elaine said,

    2017/08/23 at 12:09 PM

    I’m feeling inspired on what I have read here today. I am looking forward to working on changing my inner patterns. Thank you

  5. Marty Murray said,

    2018/01/07 at 7:51 AM

    Charles, a sunny outlook is just the beginning of what it takes to heal. Healing takes a fair amount of real work and change.

    In the case of autoimmune disease, one has to reduce triggers and also to change the way one responds to triggers. Changing the way one responds generally takes significantly changing ones conceptions of self and of how things work.

    There are no incurable degenerative diseases. You can adjust what you are doing and get yourself healthy. I have seen it done many times. Life is so cool.

  6. Bob Turel said,

    2018/03/05 at 1:23 PM

    First of all, Yea for Marty and the other positive thinkers & doers! Absolutely nothing is more rewarding or challenging than to first desire to change, and then actually WORK, that’s right, Marty said WORK on manifesting those changes! You can get nutrionally righteous ‘til the cows come home, but if you don’t believe in the effects of mind/spirit influences, you’ll miss the point of self-healing and more importantly, the benefits of same.
    My story begins with 3 letters – PBP aka progressive bulbar palsy, or as one research neurologist put it, early stage onset ALS. Basically the choices were simple: roll up in a big ball and die, start taking all kinds of drugs and tests with no hope and lots of side effects, or roll up my sleeves and get changing! I chose Door #3.
    I’ll keep you posted…

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