A Stark Choice – “Eat Healthy” or Be Sick

Recently I was talking with someone about what I eat and she said, “It sounds like you eat really healthy.” I hear this type of thing often and finally it dawned on me how bizarre the whole thing is.

I mean how else would I eat? Really sick?

I guess for many the answer to that question is yes, and that’s kinda amazing.

For one thing, while people often say that health harming foods are rather tempting, is that really true? What is so great about a fast food burger? or some cheapo, chemical filled cake type of thing? Sausage? I don’t particularly miss it. Hot dogs? Not so great, and anyway there are vegan versions. Artificially flavored popcorn, processed snack foods, sugary cereals, none of them are indispensable. Even steak or higher quality not so healthy foods are not sooooo great that I just have to have them.

So basically people who are not eating healthy food are for the most part trading their health for second rate experiences, a trade that does not sound worthwhile at all.

Maybe part of what is going on is that there is a disconnect in the minds of people who do this. Maybe they don’t realize that they will get sick.

So here it is clear as can be. If you eat foods that don’t work well with your system, you system will not work well, or not as well as it would otherwise. You will feel the effects. You will be less healthy than you would be. Do it enough and you will get super sick.

That getting super sick happens all the time, and then people who eat sick, let’s call it what it is, go running to get medical help or even go looking for a “cure”. They don’t really need medicine or a cure. They don’t need fundraising or awareness or more research. They need to wise up.

There is a reason why health food stores are called health food stores. The funny part is that the implication is that the other stores are sick food stores, and the truth of the matter is that to a large degree they are. So don’t be surprised if you get sick eating what they offer.

If you want to be healthy, you have to apply logic. To be healthy, eat healthy.



  1. puneet said,

    2015/02/16 at 6:19 AM

    I have no words to explain how helpful and meaningful this simple website is…my mother died of als 6 years back and i seem to understand how she attracted the disease to herself..she was emotionally chocked after my brother’s suicide..she gave my dad lots of silent treatments..was a very sensitive lady and overworked herself most of the time..
    i would just like to ask that what about genetic als?if its in your genes can you still prevent it by keeping your nerves calm and having a good diet?

    • Marty Murray said,

      2015/02/16 at 6:48 AM

      Of course one can still stay healthy.

      Even the expression “in your genes” does not really capture the reality. What does “in your genes” mean exactly? It can mean that when a gene is expressed something harmful is created, but that gene does not have to be expressed. It can mean that because of a lack of some gene that somehow one’s system is challenged to function, but people who are diagnosed with als usually function just fine for fifty, sixty, years or more. Their systems can function. So in order for neurodegeneration to happen, something has to change, maybe some trauma has to occur, maybe a poor diet finally catches up with them.

      I have worked with and know multiple people who were told their genes caused als, and I have seen plenty going on with them beyond genes, things such as self hatred, super toxic diets and insane stress levels. It seems pretty clear that their genes did not somehow cause als. Rather their genes, if truly a factor at all, are just a small factor in a large health destroying picture. Also I have seen some stabilize and improve their health.

      The one thing I would add is that a good diet and keeping one’s nerve calm may not capture all one has to do to stay healthy. One also has to both consciously and unconsciously choose to be healthy and one has to have healing patterns and habits, such as not getting angry or resentful, but rather seeking to always resolve things and heal.

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