How I Solved The ALS Puzzle

Back in the nineties, last century, my wife was jamming all this stuff about healing down my throat. She would talk about energy healing, natural medicine, shamanism, chakras, you name it, and I would just sit and listen, and blow off all of it, which I lumped together and called “the cult of doom.” I knew the real deal, genes and biology are destiny and things like the allergies I was suffering with were going to continue one way or another until someone figured out how to fix genes.

At a certain point that all began to change and one of the key things was that I was able to use holistic and mind body methods to solve my allergy problem. That was cool.

What it took to solve the allergies was find and change ideas, unconscious desires and choices I was making consciously and unconsciously. As soon as I found and changed the things that underlied the allergies, the problem was solved.

Then another key thing happened. I called someone I hadn’t seen in a long time and he told me he was suffering with multiple sclerosis and was worried about it being genetic and his kids suffering with it too. I thought of how I had solved the allergy problem I was experiencing and figured that probably the same methods I had used would work to solve the health problems he was having.

So we got to work and sure enough patterns in his life and the way he operated showed up, things that would logically create something like ms. We worked on changing what we found and after a while he told me the progression seemed to have stopped. It was really no surprise. We had found the multiple sclerosis creating patterns and changed them. Naturally things changed.

So I changed occupations, pretty much immediately, from focusing on finance related activities to focusing on helping people heal.

I helped more people solve multiple sclerosis and helped others solve problems involving cancer, Lyme disease, diabetes and other health issues.

In every single case, we did the same thing, worked holistically, finding factors, ideas and ways of operating that would logically create the problems and finding that once we changed those things, the problems became solved.

It was exciting and also in a way perplexing. I mean I had understood that these types of health problems were caused by genes and other biological factors and yet there we were solving them without really being concerned about those types of factors. It was not until later that I developed a clearer understanding of how to resolve the conflicts between what we experiencing and more conventional ideas.

Anyway, for me it was not such a big deal when a couple of years ago I contacted someone experiencing als to suggest that he too could heal. I knew it would go the same way.

I started working with him and some other people experiencing als and sure enough the expected patterns, factors, ideas and ways showed up immediately. We worked on changing what we found and soon we were seeing positive results,  improved relationships, improved functioning, people healing their lives and solving als.

So that’s pretty much the deal. I learned a while ago that life problems are always created and that, while healing takes work and can be challenging and excruciatingly painful at times, by changing the factors and patterns underlying the creation of a situation, a person can always solve things and heal. Just as with everything else I have worked on, problems involving als have fit this paradigm, are eminently solvable and are on the way to becoming a memory.


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