Want to get cancer? Just go around calling people jerks.

Over the years, when I was with a couple I know well, I noticed how when they saw someone doing something they didn’t like, they would get pretty negative, saying things like, “What a jerk.”

So I was interested to see that their health seemed ok even though their ways were not really wellness creating ways.

Another guy I know tended to act the same way and also tended to have an affinity for the word jerk.

Well so much for all their health being ok. I guess the laws of the universe do hold, even if for a time they don’t seem to.

One day recently I found out that the other guy had been diagnosed with cancer. Then maybe the next day, I found out that the woman in the couple had been diagnosed with cancer.

What does this have to do with calling people jerks? Plenty.

For one thing, cancer tends to be related to inflammation in the body and inflammation in the body is related to anger. So people who get angry and negative on the outside are going to tend to have inflammation and possibly cancer going on on the inside.

For another thing, one way or another, when someone uses negative, non healing ways, imbalances, blocks and other problems are created and sickness, possibly cancer, can be the result.

Of course, if you are positive on the outside and negative underneath, you are still going to make yourself sick. So to maintain health you have to be positive and healing through and through.

When my daughter heard about the two cancer cases, among other things, she said that she doesn’t want to experience cancer. I told her to just make sure she doesn’t use angry, negative ways and she would be fine. Then the other day, in reaction to something going on, sure enough, what does my daughter say? “What a jerk.”

Uh oh. Have some work to do.


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